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Pitture plastiche
Luca Vitone

November 10th, 2022 - January 14th, 2023

Michel Rein, Brussels

Installation views

Luca Vitone - Pitture plastiche
Luca Vitone - Pitture plastiche


For this second exhibition at Michel Rein gallery in Brussels, Vitone presents a new series of monochromes made with a once again unconventional pigment. It is plastic finely crushed, almost to a powder, spread on a rigid surface and framed under glass. The colors are neutral: white, gray, black and transparent.

After the dust of the interiors we live in, the atmospheric agents of the landscapes that surround us and the ashes of the energetic valorization (incinerator) that represent our garbage (waste), here are the plastics of the daily residue, a material considered as indispensable that, due to its abundant consumption, creates the embarrassment of its elimination.

The artistic practice of Luca Vitone (Genoa, 1964), began in the second half of the ?80s. It focuses on the idea of the place, inviting us to re-cognize something we already know, defying the conventions of mutable, faded memory that characterize the present. His work explores the way places are identified through cultural production: art, cartography, music, cuisine, political associations, ethnic minorities. Vitone bridges the gap between the sense of loss of place characteristic of the postmodern and the ways in which feelings of belonging arise in the intersection of personal and collective memory. He reconstructs and invents forgotten paths to reconfigurate his own personal geography.

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