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Michael Riedel

March 26th - May 14th, 2022

Michel Rein, Paris

Installation views

Michael Riedel - Erfolg
Michael Riedel - Erfolg


Michel Rein is pleased to present Erfolg (Success), the seventh solo show of Michael Riedel  after Art Material (2019) ; [FIACER] (2018) ; Record, label, play back’ (malentendu, ignorance, doubles flous) (2015) ; Michael Riedel (2013) ; Kunste zur text (Algorithmiques) (2012) and Michael Riedel (2010).

Michael Riedel is an artist and author of numerous texts, which sell better as images, but above all provide for continuously new text material, like press releases e.g., that allow Riedel to exist as an artist in the art industry. In his new series of prints, he takes up e-mail correspondence from the years 2004-2017 with his New York gallery, preserved as .emlx files, which he has published in the form of bills.

The 43 prints, in the common 5- to 500 euro formats in an edition of 10,000 bills each, were created in 2017 on the occasion of his exhibition at the GeldMuseum of the Federal German Bank, which made it possible to print them on original Central Bank paper. From then on, Riedel is busy getting rid of the money or making a lot more money out of all the money - 45 million Riedels. The correspondence between artist and gallery, whose motivation was ultimately the sale of artworks, is offered as wallet editions (4.490, excl. VAT).

Michel Rein Gallery presents large-format prints of enlarged and patterned cutouts of the banknote graphics, for whose surface refinement high-quality metallic-effect foils provide.

Riedel’s interest lies primarily in the graphics (Look) and, given the front and back of the banknotes, in the arrangement of the two-sided material into patterned areas of success (Patterned Pattern).

Accompanying this work is the narrative Abstract** published by Spector Books. Abstract is the punchy summary of many years of email exchanges - with 43 illustrations of the money bundles, accounting for the inflationary demand for work illustrations. Hot foil stamped and re-edited (price upon request).

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