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Free style
Dan Perjovschi

April 18th - May 23rd, 2009

Michel Rein, Paris

Installation views

Dan Perjovschi - Free style
Dan Perjovschi - Free style


For about 10 years Dan Perjovschi has been jumping from one wall to another (some time falling on the floor or floating from the ceiling) story-telling the world around us. As he says, if he draws it, he understands it.  The style is anarchic with no apparent structure. A sort of visual jazz.

From international world-affecting decision to the taste of the morning coffee, the distance is measured in centimeters. Drawing after drawing, Dan Perjovschi is knitting the big narrative of the contemporary world. With humor, irony and empathy, needing no one and obeying no rules. Free style.

Free Style is Dan Perjovschi’s second solo show at galerie Michel Rein, for which he will draw ont the walls of the gallery. He will deal with diverse subjects, such as the economic crisis, the President of the Republic, the art market, Obamania or capitalism shaking, etc. Dan Perjovschi is a visual artist who mixes drawing, cartoon and graffiti. He develops his practice onto the walls of museums and galleries all over the world. His drawings comment on current political, social or cultural issues. Dan Perjovschi has played an active role in the development of civil society in Romania , through his editorial activity with Revista 22 cultural magazine in Bucharest.

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