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Oh les Beaux jours (Happy Days)

June 6th - July 25th, 2020

Michel Rein, Paris

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 - Oh les Beaux jours (Happy Days)
 - Oh les Beaux jours (Happy Days)


In a time of questioning an overflow of events born of an unbridled globalization, galleries might represent the future of contemporary art. In the next world, the relationship to artistic creation that art galleries offer is perfectly suited to our visitors’ desire for art. We have always offered an experience in real life, a direct and exclusive relationship with artists and their works. The gallery is the privileged place where artists, collectors, museum or exhibition spaces, art historians, critics, journalists, amateurs meet...

We offer situated works, included in exhibition projects and not off-ground products, rootless, formatted under virtual constraints. We offer documented works, inscribed in the artists’ career with an authentication device (invoices, certificates, photos, press articles, etc.). Very often the artist and the collector meet, a story begins. Through our present and future activities, the artworks will present a better guarantee in the long term.

We are open free of charge to our public, collectors, schoolchildren, art school students, amateurs or ordinary people. Art is universal. Even if we have a particular responsibility in relation to our national scene, audiences and artists who only live by the sale of their works, artists from elsewhere are important to us, they enrich our ecosystem when we welcome them in the construction of a project, in the long time of our partnership.

We are keen to welcoming international visitors who come to Paris for the richness of our cultural and artistic offer.Our teams are ready with museums and exhibition spaces people, with our friends, critics, curators, collectors, amateurs, to take up the challenge with ambition and confidence in the future.

Michel Rein
Contemporary art gallery founder (Paris/Brussels)

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