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Dora García at Hamburger Kunsthalle


Dora García at Hamburger Kunsthalle

May. 31, 2024 - Jan. 19, 2025

Dora Garcia is part of Untranquil now: A constellation of narratives and resonances curated by Corinne Diserens at the Hamburger Kunsthalle

With untranquil now, attention is focused on artworks, artefacts, performances, figures and events, that authorize complexity, in which bodies and modes of perception become the agents of contradictory states and troubled histories. Doing so, they disarm configurations of power, unlocking imagination to explore heterogeneous narratives. These artistic and performative gestures bank on a creative breakthrough of the world.

Image: The Bug, 2022-2023, ph.Fred Dott

Hamburger Kunsthalle, on permanent loan from the Stiftung Humburger Kunstsammlugen.