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Ariane Loze part of Vertigo - Video scenarios of rapid changes


Ariane Loze part of Vertigo - Video scenarios of rapid changes

Mast Bologna, Italy

Feb. 10 - Jun. 30, 2024

Congratulations to Ariane Loze for her participation to the exhibition Vertigo Video Scenari

The mutations of society in video art curated by Urs Stahel: 29 international artists tackle the theme of our changing society through the artistic medium of video art.

“The exhibition stems from a reflection on the vast amount of information that our brains process daily which, when combined with speed and complexity, becomes an overwhelming driver of change in society” explains Urs Stahel. "Data shows that in many European countries, over 40% of the population is inclined to move away from traditional news media. We happily leave writing and calculations to machines. Written communication is now virtually obsolete or reduced to a few lines. Our skills in reading, thinking and remembering are all destined to diminish. As a result, today we are confronted with many ever-different parameters, changes of such colossal proportions in terms of size, speed and quality that we can no longer comprehend them, nor do we react adequately to them. As a result, we feel dizzy, uncertain and lost: vertigo – in the broadest sense of uncertainty, numbness, haziness and dizziness – has become the new normal”.