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Michele Ciacciofera : Condensare l'infinito / Museo MA*GA


Michele Ciacciofera : Condensare l'infinito / Museo MA*GA

Gallarate, Italy

Dec. 17, 2023 - Apr. 07, 2024

Michele Ciacciofera. Condensare l'infinito 
(cur. by Alessandro Castiglioni)

The exhibition, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni, presents a project that evokes the artist's journeys from Sardinia, through the Alps to Brittany and finally to Scotland, in search of those archetypal forms that are at the basis of the cults and identities of peoples who through archaic sculptural practices aspired to create a dialogue between earth and sky, between the finite human and the absolute infinite. Ciacciofera's direct experience of places and above all his internalisation of them are fundamental factors in the creation of the work of art.