Bronze, sweat and tears,  

Stefan Nikolaev

.  March 3rd, 2016 - April 9th, 2016


Bronze, sweat and tears

Stefan Nikolaev

03.03.2016 - 04.09.2016

Fire is what results from a physical and chemical mechanism which shifts matter from a solid state to a gaseous state: as an
event that was as spectacular as it was mysterious for
the first human beings who undertook the task of  mastering it, up
until the pre
-scientific period fire remained the source of countless speculation which gave rise to our modern chemistry.
It may have gradually disappeared from our day
-to-day environment,
 in which it continues to exist solely through the
incomparable attraction of its merry flames which still symbolize the heyday of cosy living rooms, but it rarely occupies
centre stage, except to resurrect certain kinds of ancient fascination that we thou
ght had gone forever..