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Jordi Colomer, born in Barcelona in 1962, now lives and works in Barcelona & Paris.  The variety of mediums called forth by Jordi Colomer's work and the transversality of his judgement are undoubtedly linked to his fragmentary education as architect, artist and art historian in progressive 1980s' Barcelona.  Beginning with the  "Alta Comèdia" (High Comedy exhibition), performed in Tarragona in 1993 Colomer began to fuse his sculptural work, elements of theatre staging and architectural references.  From those years on, particularly after Colomer discovered the German avant-garde cinema of the thirties, video started to stand out as the main mediator concerning  the relationship the artist had with performance art, theatre and sculpture.

From 2001 to present, Jordi Colomer's staging investigations, which extend into urban areas, have allowed him to explore different scenes of social life (neighborhoods, streets, deserts, rooftops). This phase of his work is determined by journeys that have allowed him to keep a foreigner's point of view and consistently rediscover different dynamics in urban societies.  In these journey-works the concept of movement consistently reappears and the isolated actions of a character is condensed in the reflection, but not without a degree of absurd humor, on the possibilities of poetic survival offered by the contemporary metropolis.

Recently, Colomer's work was seen during monographic exhibitions as Spanish Pavillion at the 57th Venice biennial, Jeu de Paume (Paris), BOZAR (Brussels), the Argos Center for Art&Media (Brussels), the Matadero Museum (Madrid) and FRAC Basse-Normandie (Caen).

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Jordi Colomer

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¡Únete! Join Us! - Spanish Pavillon Venice Biennial

May 2017
Publisher: AECID
ISBN 973-84-17048-23-5


November 2008
Jordi Colomer

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March 2006
Jordi Colomer

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