Sophie Whettnall


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Sophie Whettnall, born in 1973 in Brussels, Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels

Since the 1990’s Whettnall work has been a  reflection on the forces that define our relation with world around us, materializing and documenting them. Sophie Whettnall focuses on light, and documents it in her work, but has also eye for its absence, i.e, the zones in which its passage.

One of the main themes of Sophie Whettnall’s work rest on a dialectic tension and resolution between contradictory concepts and perceptions : between softness and sensuality and a rawer and more rugged even violent aspect (in both gestures and materials), between yin and yang, let’s be frank, between femininity and masculinity, the work often contributes to the background, and by it’s own admission, to a form of autobiographical unveiling.

The landscape – a more than traditional subject – remains one of the constantly recurring themes in the work of Sophie Whettnall via diverse meanderings.

Selected press



Artists at home/work, Sophie Whettnall

April 2016

La Libre Belgique

Donner sens à la vie par l'appel de la lumière

May 2015

Mu in the City

Sophie Whettnall

April 2015


Art Sweet Art

April 2015


Drilling for light

April 2015


Sophie Whettnall

November 2010

Le Soir

Sophie Whettnall

December 2008


Sophie Whettnall

October 2007

El Cultural

Sophie Whettnall, La mirada paradójica

September 2007

The New York Times

That Unruly, Serendipitous Show in Venice

June 2007

Beaux Arts

Sophie Whettnall, l'emprise du lieu

January 2007

La Libre Belgique

Sophie Whettnall, le choc des contraires

September 2004

De Morgen

Speeltuin voor volwassen

September 2004


Whettnall o com gravar la llum

March 2002

La Libre Belgique

Triomphe de l'image à la Jeune Peinture

December 1999

Art & Culture

Sophie Whettnall, Sédentaire s'abstenir

November 1999



À l'avant de l'image