Didier Faustino


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Didier Faustino was born in 1968 and lives and works between Paris and Lisbon.

Didier Faustino's work reciprocally summons up art from architecture and architecture from art, indistinctly using genres in a way that summarizes an ethical and political attitude about the conditions for constructing a place in the socio-cultural fabric of the city. Spaces, buildings and objects show themselves to be platforms for the intersection of the individual body and the collective body in their use. Each project represents a concept that subverts the social context; in which seeing is experimenting beyond submission to the dichotomy of the rules that normally mark out public space and private space. The body is recentred on the basis of the social implications of the space, alerting people to the dangers of subjecting it to an ambiguity of representation that may contribute towards their forgetting its identity.

João Fernandes (Director of the Serralves Contemporary Art Museum, Lisbon, Portugal)


Didier Faustino's selected exhibitions includeLe meilleur des mondes, Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine (Paris) and Gulbenkian Fondation (Lisbon, Portugal) in 2011; Agnosian Fields, Maison Hermès (Tokyo, Japan) in 2010; (G)host in the (S)hell 2, Laxart (Los Angeles, USA) in 2009; (G)host in the (S)hell, Storefront (New York, USA) and 3rd Yokohama Biennial, Yokohama, Japan and during the 11th Architecture Venice Biennial (French Pavilion) in 2008; Airs de Paris, Musée National d'Art Moderne / Centre Georges Pompidou (MNAM), Paris in 2007; Venice Biennial of Architecture (Portuguese Pavilion) in 2004.
He was the general curator of Evento (Bordeaux, France) in 2009.

Selected press


Le Journal des Arts

Ramener l'architecture au plus près du corps

December 2013

Le Quotidien de l'Art

At the Tuileries, Dialogue Relies on Form to Make a Connection

October 2013


Open House

September 2013


L'architecture à la mode

August 2012

Officiel Art

Despentes - Faustino : identités territoriales

April 2012

Libération Next

Dans le ventre de l'architecte

February 2012


Didier Faustino

January 2012

Air France Madame

Fictions architecturales

December 2011



Don't Trust Architects

November 2010

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Publisher: Monografik editions

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AGNOSIAN FIELDS: Didier Fiuza Faustino

August 2010
Publisher: Fondation d'entreprise Hermès

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Didier Faustino


September 2008

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Didier Faustino

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