Elisa Pône


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Elisa Pône was born in 1979 Pontoise (France). Lives and works in Lisboa (Portugal).

Disjunction is at the heart of Elisa Pône's work. When she is interested in pyrotechnics it is in order to remove it from its original context so as to focus on its ambivalent feature. Everything to do with fireworks, their range and the safety perimeter, their detonations and explosions, highlights the extent to which they veer between leisure and latent violence.

Elisa Pône transfers these floating blazes to make them happen in inappropriate places such as the interior of a workshop, the basement of a parking lot or just below a bridge. Spectators unusual proximity greatly increases the visual, odorous and noise impact of the firework. Then, concerned by the risk and the gratuity of both a brief and immoderate spectacle, a frustrated wonderment emerges.

Her work has been exhibited at Centre d'Art Bastille (Grenoble, France) in 2012, Galerie Michel Rein in 2012 and 2008. She participated to group shows at MacVal (France) and Galerie du jour agnes b (Paris) in 2011, FRAC Poitou (France) in 2009. Her movies have been projected namely in Palais de Tokyo (Paris) and during the Nuit Blanche (Paris) in 2013 and (Metz, France) in 2011.

Selected press



Les oeuvres à combustion d'Élisa Pône

February 2013

ART PRESS : Elisa Pône

November 2012

Le Quotidien de l'art

Les échapées d'Elisa Pône

September 2012


Prise entre deux feux

April 2008

Tout Prévoir Magazine

Fermer les yeux. Sauver sa peau

February 2008

Hors d'Oeuvre

L'Homo festivus ne sait plus où donner du serpentin et de la guirlande

January 2008

Les Inrockuptibles

Elisa Pône

June 2007




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