Mathew Hale


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Born in 1962 in Swindon (UK). Lives and works in Berlin (Germany). 

He studied at the Winchester School of Art and Goldsmith College London (UK).

In Hale's works, book pages, text fragments, graphic structures, and figures in ink, as well as photographic moments of reality, are combined into new visual structures, according to the collage principle. Found and invented things are thus combined and confront each other as different layers of reality, directly entering into a narrative structure. These new combinations inevitably challenge the beholder to read the recoded visual elements in their (new) context.

The formal juxtaposing of "real" and "imagined" elements, found and added objects in the picture, corresponds in terms of content with different systems of representation and different ways of generating meaning. Through the combination of new content in the picture, creating a narrative by way of collage, Hale questions both their historical construction as well as current ways of functioning. The open-minded discovery of themes, initiated by accidental findings of image and text fragments finally leads to the work of art through a series of associations - thus Hale's working method stands very much in the tradition of surrealism and dada. Furthermore, the works are also formally related to these art movements, as well as to pop art.

Matthew Hale's work has been exhibited in Modern Monday at MoMA (NYC) in 2011, participated to Phoenix vs Babel (cur. Patrice Joly) at Fondation d'entrepise Ricard (Paris) in 2008, the Venice Biennial in 2003, in DIE STADT - LA CITTA' - THE MOTHER at the DAAD Gallery (Berlin) in 2003, or at the Whitechapel Gallery (London) in 1998, among others.

Selected press



Mathew Hale

September 2013

Flash Art

Mathew Hale

July 2010

Frankfurter allgemeine

Kampftag der Künstlerklasse

May 2010


Mathew Hale

Cut in Cannes

June 2013

ISBN 9780980369670


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